• Nomi Bachar

Are You Committed To You?

Are You Committed?

I am taking an online course called Visionary Business School. The course covers the steps to take to make your business vision and purpose actualized. One of the exercises in the course was the commitment exercise. You divide the room that your sitting in into two sections. The one that you start with is your current level of commitment to your life/business vision. The other part of the room represents the ultimate level of commitment. In the exercise, you start by standing in the first part and observing where you are today in terms of your level of commitment. Are you at 5, 6, 8, or 10? 10 being 100% committed. Then you ask yourself, what what would it take for you to move into the other side of the room which is the ultimate level of commitment to your life’s big vision? Meaning, 12, 14, 15, ect.

As I did the exercise, I discovered that I did not need to move to the other side of the room I was living in. Breathing, being the ultimate commitment. I observed that actually, “I” was not there which means my personal self was not in the picture. It was not a player, able to be more or less committed. Something bigger then me was allowed to take over some years ago and “It”, that Cosmic Commitment, was operating through me. The “Ultimate Commitment” to global transformation has been operating sitting in the driver’s seat of my life while my personal self was sitting next to it enjoying the ride. The realization of that was sweet and comforting. I, the personal me, could trust, relax, and enjoy the ride while acting on behalf of the Ultimate Commitment, the loving, all-encompassing driver of my life…

Each one of us has a unique role to play, a special gift to give. We need to do the work of clearing away fears limiting beliefs and defensive patterns so that the “Great Self” has an open space to live within us and can sit comfortably in the driver’s seat of our lives, guiding, nurturing, and supporting our true vision.

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