• Nomi Bachar

How to Achieve your Goals? Take a Vacation.

I, like many of us, look forward to a vacation; a moment to pause, to rest, to empty the mind and open the heart to the simple delights of life.

No matter how hard we try to balance our lives, achieving our goals is in the forefront of our minds. Most of us are constantly rushing to meet deadlines and complete projects to achieve goals.

What too many people miss, is the need for for rest.

Gates of Power® Method emphasizes the importance of balancing quiet, internal, “me time”, rest, play, emotional and physical care with life path, projects and goals.

I am deeply committed to this balance in my personal life. Despite my daily balancing act, I know when I need to just do nothing; to feel like a four-year-old with no to do lists, no responsibilities, nowhere to go, and nothing to do that is required. That kind of emptying out takes me naturally to my sense of joy and appreciation for my moments.

A vacation state of mind is one of ease of being.

It took me a few good years to deeply embrace that mindset; I was steeped in the achievement one.

So, “what is wrong with that?” You might say. Yes, achieving goals is great if it is done with ease of being. It takes some mastery to marry these two, achievement and ease.

Ponder for a minute what is most important to you on the path of life?

I say, experiencing and enjoying your moments is living. If that quality of living is compromised by stressful efforts, originating from insecurities, it is wise to take note of it and find a way to shift it. Many times, we confuse true passion for achieving something with a desire to prove that we are worth it. Achieving goals shouldn't be what gives us sense of purpose, the goals are achieved once we've already found purpose and love for ourselves.

When we stop, breathe, and open up we make new friends, we see things we didn’t notice before, and we realize our love for people and the world all over again.

We feel at one with life. Somehow, in this very troubled and divided world, our simple sense of safety has been robbed. A vacation can end up in a tragedy… Still because of it, and despite it, we must not allow fears of the unknown dissuade us from exploring. Instead, learn to revisit that relaxed innocent space of a vacation. Take yourself there. Every day, maybe even every moment, give yourself that gift.

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