• Nomi Bachar

Desires Gone Wrong

The bombing that happened in Manchester this week is a disturbing example of how powerful our desires are. The human heart is a furnace of desires and that is its power. Within the fires of the heart, there are desires for power, control, revenge, manipulation, and domination. These same flames within the heart inspire desires for love, compassion, creativity, and beauty.

Indulging in desires for domination, revenge, and control originate from a weak sense of self. When one feels less than, victimized, and insecure one faces two choices. The first is positive and proactive and that is the choice to get on the path of self-growth and self-development. The second choice is destructive and depleting, the path of blaming others and doing your best to victimize and diminish them in order to feel better. Indulging ourselves in this second choice will leave us empty and broken inside.

We are yearning for a sense of inner strength and that is natural. We can tap into a true sense of security, wholeness, and inner strength, it just takes some dedication and commitment. Fortifying a false sense of self at the expense of others eventually shatters and leaves us depleted. The young person behind the act was fueling his desire to terrorize and control through fear and destruction. A revengeful thrill that cost people their lives and their health. In the long run, this type of hatred ends up consuming and debilitating its source.

We have a choice which desires we’re going to fulfill and how. We should choose wisely.