• Nomi Bachar

Passion for Integrity: Lessons From My Cleaning Lady

My cleaning lady Joslyn is an amazing example of passion for integrity. She gets into all the seen and unseen crevasses of the house. Nothing escapes her scrutinizing eye. She is a stand for absolute cleanliness. Why am I writing about that? Because I believe that no matter what you do, you can do it with a passion for excellence and a sense of integrity. So many of us don’t. When how you do things matters to you, it means that you matter to you, others matter to you, and your projects matter.

I look at Joslyn when she works. She is totally in the moment. Very present and most of the time, singing something or another in a very untrained voice that is full of light hearted peace. She is an example of mindfulness and respect for her work. I am sure she did not read any books about mindfulness or integrity. She did not attend any workshops. She is just fully engaged and takes pride in her job and the subtle healing magic of clean.

A clean house breathes differently. A clean house lets you relax and be. It is a space for clarity and peace. To me, Joslyn’s work is house therapy. If each of us did what we do with thorough dedication and love, the world would slowly heal and life would come to be what it wants to be, a flow of creative exchanges.