• Nomi Bachar

The 4 Magic "R"s

Joel Goldsmith is one of my favorite writers/teachers. In his book, Beyond Words and Thoughts 8 (Goldsmith, 1998), Goldsmith states: “… we receive certain facets, realizations, and principles of truth which are continually flowing in, in proportion to our receptivity and openness.”

Silence helps us create that open state of receptivity.

When we visit the realm of inner silence through a state of meditation, we open our soul’s mind to the truth that lies beyond the world of the senses and the thoughts. We learn to feel and know the truth within the heart. Slowly, we find a way to trust and surrender to it until we become it. We come to realize that we are the truth, a breathing, living expression of Spirit, beyond our body and mind. We accept the infinite as the being of every being, and we can let it function and express through us. We gladly allow its power, abundance, and grace to flow through our lives. Our prayer becomes a grateful receptivity, a listening and a communion. The only thing that’s left is to become a clear channel through which grace flows and truth expresses itself.

Your Expanded Self is the individual channel through which divinity and wisdom are heard.

As we learn to lead our daily lives from the spiritual understanding of our Expanded Self, we come closer to our God-like nature. Eventually, the truth begins to dawn in our consciousness.We understand that we are not the doers but the vessels of all that is true.

I’d like to introduce the Four Magic “R”s (Relax, Release, Receive, Rejoice). These help us replenish and expand. The Four Magic “R”s are deliciously refreshing and there is not much to explain about them.

1. Relax We all know the importance of relaxation.

2. Release What are we releasing? In this case, we are releasing worry, anxiety, over-planning, and over-thinking.

3. Receive The ability to receive, be receptive, is as important and maybe more so than being active. We want to be open to receive love, abundance, healing, insights, ideas, inner guidance, and so on.The Hebrew word kabbalah (the Jewish mystical teaching) means “receiving.” We are vessels of consciousness, and if we are open to receive, we can know the truth and be transformed.

4. Rejoice Not much explanation is needed. It is nourishing to feel joy in living. Whoever can rejoice and appreciate all of life’s experiences—the difficult as well as the sublime—has mastered the art of living.

How can you incorporate the 4 Magic "R"s in your daily life? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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