• Nomi Bachar

Spring Clean Your Life

Every Spring, I look for the moment that the buds start to bloom.

I love the magic of it. It always reminds me of my mother. She was born in Greece in the midst of war. She told us that she was born in the 7th month of her mother’s pregnancy, while fleeing the town. They had to cover her with cotton to carry her around; there were no hospitals or incubators. So obviously, no one recorded her date of birth. She didn’t have a birth certificate until later in life. From what she members, she was told she was born on the first day of the cherry blossoms blooming.

So to me, Spring and my mother are one and the same. When I think about my mother, I think of a heart full of joy and childlike curiosity for life. I think of laughter, poetry, kindness, and true expression. Our house was always filled with people who would come to see my mother; they knew they would have fun filled moments with her and real sharing. She would be the person to talk to about things or to just be silly with. My mother lived each day like it was a new and exciting chapter and that is what spring is to me, a new and exciting chapter. It is an opportunity to open up to life, love, and joy even further.

Spring gifts us a new beginning, a moment to celebrate renewal.

Renewal comes only when we can willingly release and let go of all that is no longer necessary. Are we ready and willing to do a total “spring cleaning”, inside and out?

It takes a choice, a commitment, and a discipline to get ourselves unstuck and to undue our self-imposed stagnation. As strange as it might sound, we are attached to our contraction; it feels safe and familiar, even though it is unpleasant. We hold on to our fears and pain because freedom feels dangerous. We simultaneously long for it and distrust it.

We can take ourselves out of the protective box and claim our aliveness.

We can take risks, open up, and express. Living with a passion for the truth and the courage to discover it, connects us to the power of transformation. This power lives within us, guiding our journey.

Spring is a time that we are reminded of our ability to renew. Nature gives birth to herself and we have an opportunity to open our spirit to new dimensions. The two spring holidays, Passover and Easter, are powerful symbols of this renewal and freedom. They are possibilities.

What are you willing and ready to say goodbye to? What new ventures and experiences are you willing to step into?

This is a great moment to reinvent yourself and your life. Go for it!