• Nomi Bachar

10 Surprising Benefits of Getting Older

Last month, I was asked to participate in a performance project called, “Maiden, Mother, Matriarch.” I was one of the women/performers in the Matriarch group. In preparation for the performance, we had a few heart-to-heart discussions about our experience of getting older

We spoke about health challenges. How do we keep ourselves joyful and active in spite of them? We spoke about the challenge of looking older. How do we maintain a sense of beauty in spite of an aging face and body? We spoke about the spiritual and emotional benefits of getting older.

I shared that to me, the best and biggest benefit is a sense of inner freedom; freedom to be me, to express my truth authentically and be relaxed within my skin and my life. This sense of freedom was hard-earned.

Since a young age, I have been dedicated to the process of shedding fears, masks and unnecessary efforts to get love as a validation. Peeling these layers one by one can be painful and uncomfortable, but I have kept going.

It feels great to be free to be. Getting older isn’t anything to fear, the older you get, the more you celebrate your ageless spirit.

You Like Yourself

The older you get, the more you embrace and know who you are and you like yourself. You go through a lot and learn to turn trials into treasures. It took a little while to appreciate me being me. Emotional and spiritual vigilance helped me become my powerful self. I know you can/will be able to say the same.

You Appreciate Internal Beauty

You appreciate your beauty more as an internal one that shines through your appearance. Somehow, despite any accumulating wrinkles, you look at yourself and smile. You like the face you see in the mirror.

Become Your True Self

As time goes on, you learn to be true to yourself. You speak up and stand up for what matters to you. You earn your assertiveness and find your voice.

Know Your Worth

Knowing your worth and not letting people or situations compromise your happiness and peace of mind becomes second nature. You will find and embrace the knowledge that you deserve happiness and peace and will protect these unapologetically.

Recognizing How Precious Life Is

When you see time slowly slip by quicker with every passing year, you find that life is precious and is getting shorter. So, you become passionate about being in the moment, enjoying life to the last drop. You learn not to drown in the past or obsess about the future and are grateful for each day (You event start to look forward to enjoying it).

Being Open to Love

Getting older allows you to be open, to give and receive love, and to do it so much better. Loving yourself helps you give and receive freely. Each day is an opportunity to experience love.

Having Contributions to Make

That dedication you’ve always had to make a difference and to make a contribution becomes tangible and real. When you are rich in experience, knowledge, and compassion you are far more effective at making the world a better place.

You Go for It

When time is a treasure, you make sure you experience all you have dreamed of. You fiercely chase marking events off of your bucket list. No more ifs or buts; you just go for it.

Using Your Power for Good

You grow to understand the power you hold within the world and your circle of influence. Knowing and harnessing that power for good is a great feeling.

You Still Turn Heads

Surprisingly enough, you still feel sexy, sassy/charming, and love it. Your sex appeal simply evolves, rather than diminishes (contrary to how the media makes it seem). The truth is that you still turn heads.

Look at the list and if one or more of these benefits is still a work in progress, know that you can take yourself there. You are only growing into your prime of power and wisdom. You are becoming an open, flowing river of love and creativity. Let yourself be.

What benefits would you add to this list? Is there a particular one that you have embraced? How has it let you be free to be? I invite you to write your own reflection about your experiences of getting older and sharing with me on social media @GatesOfPower