• Nomi Bachar

Passions and Pleasures

All of us possess three important gifts that inspire our lives. These three gifts are handed to us by the Great Creative Source as an offering of unconditional love. The first gift is the ability to love and be loved. Even when we are having a tough time loving or receiving love, we are, deep down inside, capable of it, and are actually moving toward love. It is part of our innate nature. The second gift is the ability to feel connected to the whole, the great expression called life. We feel this connection through nature, culture, art, community, spiritual experience, a sense of unity, and the simple enjoyments of our daily lives. The third gift is our ability to create and express. We are all endowed with this ability; some of us make it a vocation, and all of us use it in one way or another.

On one of my blogs before the new year (see link at the end), I had suggested some steps for planning a successful 2017. I hope that you found the structure that I offered to be helpful. When we think of what truly gets manifested and achieved in our lives, we come to see that passions and pleasures are on the top of the list. So lets flesh out our passions and pleasures for this year. Since these generate a sense of excitement that fills us with energy, shooting us forward. Lets ride on their wave to our destination.

Live each day as a creative process. Commit to enjoyment and make choices that open you up to the magical in your daily moments.

I personally have a complete Vision Map of all my choices, commitments, and actions. I apply these to each one of the seven Gates of Power (r). I help everyone I work with create a Vision Map for themselves. We do not neglect to have two important lists added to our Vision Map. What am I talking about? I am talking about the list of passions and the list of pleasures.

I encourage you to make these two lists yourself. It is as nourishing to the heart as the thought of a great meal or a fun happening. The following lists give you an example of items or possibilities that could be on your lists.

Passions People that I love and the heartfelt communication/events/adventures I want to share with them Sharing my gifts with others Creative projects Plans for trips and adventures Creating exuberant health and wellbeing Enjoying moments of mediation and peace Art, music, culture

Pleasures Physical activities you enjoy New foods Great new books, music, movies Laughing and chatting with friends Nature Games and silliness Sex and affection

Please don’t deprive yourself from making these lists and treating yourself to doing at lease one thing from each one of the lists. You will end up reaching goals in a natural and pleasurable way. What is more important in this life than enjoying the three gifts? Love, connection, and creativity.