• Nomi Bachar

I am of the Earth

In one of the quiet nights when the world was deep asleep, I was wide awake. A slow string of memories was moving through the sky of my mind like tear loaded clouds. Somehow all the lonely, orphan like moments of my past, came in to say hello (or maybe to say goodbye?). Memories of times I felt bone-deep lonely and soul-filled sad. I was young then and did not realize yet, how loved, protected, and guided I truly was. I was sitting all chilled in the midst of enveloping warmth, hopeless while in the arms of bliss.

“You are of the Earth,” I said to my soul, “like a tree, a fish, a bird, or a rock. How can you be a part of the earth and be orphaned? A piece of grass is always at home. A fish knows it is part of the ocean. It is time to know,” I said to my soul. “It’s time for the sadness to say goodbye to its old music and discover a new melody, time to find the peaceful trust in the embracing warmth.” “Yes,” said my soul, “Let’s do it!” “Ok,” I said, “How about getting some sleep?”