• Nomi Bachar

Creating Magic

I went to see the movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Needless to say, the child in me is fascinated by fantastic creatures and imaginary worlds. I could revel in these for hours, I love moving from on reality to another, mixing and matching the seen and unseen…

What really stayed with me after the movie, when I shook off the special visual and sound effects (which were a bit much to my taste), was the truth that we all possess magic powers and the ability to see and feel the magic within life. It is when we repress that ability or allow others to repress it in us, that we become destructive to ourselves and others.

The magical power to create reality is our birthright and gift. It is what allows us to express and share with others. We can say, it is our spiritual air. Most of us, myself included, grow up forced to repress our true power and expression for the sake of being accepted, loved, or safe. Many die with their inner music never fully sung. Others like myself, spend a chunk of life claiming back our magical powers.

Most of the time, the repression of our power goes unrecognized. We are so used to it, that it feels natural. So how do we know if we’re operating from our power? Good question. Ask yourself, “Am I living life like it is a field of endless possibilities? Do I feel like I can manifest a vision that springs from a heart passion into reality?” Openness to possibilities and a deep trust in our ability to manifest our desires is the state of mind where magic lives.

We need to recognize how we’re in the way of our own magical powers. Fears, insecurities, distrust, self doubt, etc all are in the way. What are you doing to clear your path to true power?