• Nomi Bachar

Election Night Torture

The other night was a sleepless night for many. Turning in our beds or sofas, we were waiting with baited breath for the verdict. Who was going to impact for lives for the next four years? We have been disillusioned, grossly watching the two leaders act in ways that, to me, are totally unacceptable. Different style of unacceptable acts, but unsettling nonetheless. What is that telling us about the state of being of our nation? Our leaders are an expression of us and in turn, they influence our state of affairs and the social political fabric of the country.

We chose a president who has expressed negative opinions about women, Mexicans, Muslims, other leaders, sexual orientation, and so on. Now, he speaks about unity, a word that has been used as a token bribe by both leaders. “Unity and peace are not the norm”, said a friend. Yes, they’re not. They take tremendous honesty, integrity, real caring, and spiritual maturity to even touch the hem of this garment. It takes daily work and commitment. What are our leaders really committed to other than their personal ambition? I wish I knew??? I would love to be able to look into the heart of that commitment behind the words, the posturing, and the political maneuvering.

I am, and I know we all are, longing for a leader that truly cares about people. All people, all different kinds of people. Where is that person? Will we see a tinge of that in the next year??

- Nomi