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Can one weekend Transform Your Life?
Yes, it can and it has for many. 

If You have tried therapy, coaching, transformational workshops, meditations or spiritual guidance and you are still feeling stuck, insecure, self doubting, not quite able to achieve your goals and feel unfulfilled… you have come to the right place. 

If this is your first experience looking for counseling You are definitely in the right place. 


Here you will find the solutions you have been looking for. There are 2 very important elements that are missing in most trainings and methods that are offered, while Gates of Power® Program addresses what the 2 important elements are and how these can transform your life.


Here is the Challenge 

Life bruises us, the bruises accumulate into unresolved internal blockages. We get stuck in limiting beliefs, fears insecurities, inner-conflicts and confusion. All of that is preventing you from achieving your goals and living a life of real fulfillment and success.

What is the Solution? 

In order to free yourself from all of that you need the help of an effective method that is healing and transforming, a practical program that help you release all that is in your way while restoring and rebuilding your true potential self. With the right tools and support you CAN  become the optimal you living life fully!


You would be achieving, enjoying, creating, expressing and making a difference.

Gates of Power® Method/Program assists doing just that.

Gate of Power® Method educates and empowers you to attain these 2 most important elements in the field of healing, growth and transformation.

1. Identifying balancing and unifying all 3 aspects of your Inner-Self
Emotional-Self, Defensive-Self, and Expanded-Self].

2. Providing you with the effective tools to optimize all 7 areas of your life

When you know how to work with these 2 important elements you can create the strength, the wholeness and fulfillment that you are meant

to have.  

Gates of Power® Program takes you from a Compromised State to Optimized Living.



The 7 areas of life which are
called Gates are:









The program uses
5 transformational modalities:

  • Emotional Processes to release stored trauma and unexpressed emotions

  • Energetic Understanding to learn how to work with your energy field

  • Creative Expression which helps your ability to create and express

  • Spiritual Understanding and Meditations to help you connect with the universal force

  • Actionable Coaching using a precise map of choices, commitments and actions to help you achieve goals in all 7 areas of life.

Gates of Power® training has 7 levels that build on
each other as well as a set of one-on-one sessions. 

Step into Gates of Power® Level I, a 2-day intensive course. 


  1. In depth study of you Primary Inner-Struggle and the way it impacts all seven areas of your life. This knowledge helps chart a road map for Self-Healing and Self-Actualization.

  2. Experiential understanding of the Three Aspects of your Inner-Self 

  3. Exploration of the disempowering dialogue between the Three Aspects and the tools to strengthen, harmonize and balance them so they work together = Inner-Strength and Confidence.

  4.  The actions and inner shifts you need to take to create positive results in the Seven Areas of Your Life.

If you wish to participate and you have not done the Introduction, please schedule yourself for a Free 30-minute Phone Consultation

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• Informative

• Inspirational

• Honest

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