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Book Announcement: Gates Of Power®: Actualize Your True Self

Spring 2014

Letting Go of Who You Are Not,
Embracing Who You Are

Saturday, May 9th
2:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Ananda Ashra
13 Sapphire Road
Cost: $30

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Nomi BacharNomi Bachar, a holistic, transformational, and spiritual counselor, is a “Master Soul Gardener.”

She is the founder of White Cedar Institute and creator of the Gates of Power® Method.

What is the Gates of Power Method?

Gates of Power® is a self healing and self actualization method. It promotes self transformation, self growth, and self empowerment. The Method assists your spiritual • creative • emotional • physical • and mental self development.

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What are the Gates of Power?

The Gates of Power are the seven facets of our being and the channels to our empowerment. They include: body, emotions, dialogue, creative expression, life path, silence, and knowledge. These channels are called “Gates.” They are your key to a fulfilling and rich life. Only when we attend to allof them do we achieve the balance and the inner power we desire.

Imagine yourself as a diamond

A diamond has many facets and only when all the facets are clear and polished does the diamond shine brilliantly. Gates of Power® coaches you to “polish” ALL seven gates of your being, empowering you to exude your true brilliance


Gates of Power® Method empowers you to clear away the innerweeds and water the seeds of the soul.

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